Philipp Scharrenberg

Philipp Scharrenberg


Realität für Quereinsteiger

Do you ever feel like you lack the necessary qualifications for life? Have you never been properly prepared for existence?Again and again there is talk of something called ‘reality’. But what is that actually, and how do you get there? Today we spend our time in the glittering consumer world, swimming in the computerus of our filter bubbles, tucked in under a patchwork quilt sewn of facts and fake. Sadly, we live anywhere but in reality. In his alleged personality workshop, Philipp Scharrenberg rips off the protective blinders to sneak a look behind the veils of self-delusion. With whirling creativity, he demonstrates the refreshing potential of glaring at the bare facts until they slink away, blushing. His poems, raps, songs and stories all combine to a bitingly funny reality-check for all those who have had enough of their view of the world!

Cabaret, Poetry Slam, Satire, Spoken Word

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23. January 2023

17:00 - 17:20

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Realität für Quereinsteiger

Performing Arts Theatre 1

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