Pit Hartling

Pit Hartling


Gefühlte Wunder

He looks quite innocent, but that is already his first trick. At the innocent age of seventeen, Pit Hartling took second price at the World Championships of Magic in Tokio, Japan. Since then his talents have steadily declined, yet somehow, he still continued to get himself booked in more than 50 countries with his own special brand of world-class magic and ok jokes.  Gefühlte Wunder is Hartlings latest stroll between fact and fiction: Borrowed wedding bands impossibly link together, ten Euro change into hundred, complete stangers' birthdays are calculated from the size of their shoes and the last digit of their phone number, and in between Hartling shamelessly reads people's minds.If you've long had enough of reality, why not try this evening of wit and wonder instead - you may just enjoy it.

Comedy, Conjuring

Stage language/s:
German, English, Spanish


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25. January 2023

11:30 - 11:50

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Gefühlte Wunder

Performing Arts Theatre 2

Pit Hartling, Gefühlte Wunder, Astrologie

Pit Hartling, Gefühlte Wunder, Verkettete Eheringe

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