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Sara Twister



READY.AIM.FIREArchery… with a twist.An action-packed extravaganza with a finale you do not want to miss! Sara Twister is a crowd-stopping phenomenon who, whilst balancing on her arms, can fire a bow and arrow with her feet!Part Lara Croft, part Robin Hood, this unforgettable Foot-archer will simultaneously blow your mind whilst stealing your heart.  A dynamic combination of the unique art of acrobatic archery with upbeat contortion routines, comedy, and audience-participation, “Ready.Aim.Fire” is a show that has something for everyone, and is guaranteed to WOW audiences of all ages. This award-winning show has been performed on 4 continents, featured on popular Television shows, and is available in 4 languages.

Acrobatics, Artistry, Comedy, Performance

Stage language/s:
German, French, English, Italian, Spanish

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Sara Twister

24. January 2023

14:00 - 14:20

Showcases Street Theatre


Street Theatre Central Foyer / Foyer

Sara Twister - Archery with a twist - Promo

Sara Twister - Ready.Aim.Fire | Foot Archery Show

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