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Sascha Vogel


Physik in Hollywood

Do lightsabres actually work? How is it that James Bond always wins? What does Spiderman have to do with physics and how does Iron Man actually manage to build his particle accelerator so quickly? It is well known that Hollywood is not the pinnacle of scientific realism. However, Sascha Vogel shows how wrong Hollywood is with his award-winning programme "Physics in Hollywood". But don't worry - this is not only about formulas and equations, but about the fun of and in science! Vogel's tour through the movie world is sure to leave no dry eye in the house, even if you've already quit physics after the third grade. From Armageddon to Star Wars to Zoolander - nothing is safe! Physics in Hollywood - certainly different!

Comedy, Gala, Poetry Slam, Stand-up Comedy, Visual Comedy

Stage language/s:
German, English

Represented by:
science birds

24. January 2023

17:30 - 17:50

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Physik in Hollywood

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