Schäbyschigg (Schweiz)

Schäbyschigg (Schweiz)

Spain, Switzerland


Schäbyschigg are five cosmopolitan and intrepid musicians: with instruments, cheese, bread and "tiggets" in their luggage, they are on the road to delight hearts near and far with their music. With clarinet, large and small trumpets, tuba and accordion, they carry their melodies out into the world. Music from the mountainous and hilly landscape between Säntis and Pilatus, which walks the fine line between tradition and innovation and combines the old with the new. Timeless music with traditional instrumentation, but modern interpretation: melodies from long ago are dug up, polished up, freshly painted and presented in a new guise. But mainly the five musicians make their own music: sometimes groovy, sometimes lüpfig, sometimes melancholic, sometimes rustic, but always authentic and fresh. Songs and dances from life that don't fit into any pigeonhole.

Folk, World Music

Stage language/s:
German, English, Spanish, French

Represented by:
hope88 production

23. January 2023

19:30 - 19:50

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Schäbyschigg - Live

Schäbyschigg – Potzmusig SRF 10 Jahr Jubiläum

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