Sebastian Berger

Sebastian Berger


Professor`s Things

PROFESSOR`S "THINGS" is a groundbreaking act with a touch of pointed sarcasm. Step by step Sebastian shows "things" that you can possibly do yourself at the beginning, but then very quickly become "things" that only Sebastian can do. An incredibly difficult juggling technique is shown that Sebastian has developed himself over the last 13 years. It combines balance and juggling in an incredible way that has never been seen before. "Professor`s Things" was awarded the gold medal by the International Juggling Association in the category "Best Act" in 2019 and was listed under "mindblowing" at the renowned "Brainbar" in Budapest. The unconventional presentation will perfectly entertain both expert and amateur audience -astonishment and laughter skillfully alternate.Translated with (free version)

Artistry, Cirque Nouveau, Juggling, Performance, Variety Show

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24. January 2023

13:30 - 13:50

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Professor`s Things

Performing Arts Theatre 1

Professors THINGS

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