Suonno d'Ajere

Suonno d'Ajere



Three passionate musicians, born and bred in the city of Naples, have come together to prove once and for all that the tradition of Neapolitan song writing is still as moving and relevant as it has ever been. They intend to restore dignity and depth to this tradition, proposing arrangements that combine stylistic rigour with a contemporary approach. The choice of instruments recalls the popular Posteggia formations from the early nineteenth century, street and bar musicians loved by common people as well as by aristocrats, but the execution is of a far more refined and sophisticated approach, often far from the street versions. The result is a flamboyant mix between popular and classical that has always been the cornerstone of Neapolitan music, earning them critical acclaim and numerous awards at home in Italy.

Folk, Classical Music, World Music

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English, Italian

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23. January 2023

18:00 - 18:20

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