Svavar Knutur

Svavar Knutur


Ahoi ! Side B Tour

Anyone who has experienced a performance by Svavar Knutur will remember it for a long time. His performances are an emotional roller coaster ride between being moved to tears to crying with laughter, which pull you into his spell and do not let go so quickly again. Giving expression to the pain of the long winters, as well as the sleeplessness of the 24 hour shining Icelandic summer sun, Svavar has turned into a cheerful and extraordinary musician in the last few years. He tells of the hard but not joyless life of the people of Iceland's rugged Westfjord with "cotton-soft, Nordic rapturous folk music" (Rolling Stone). Brisbane's Rave Magazine credited him with a "swoon-inducing voice" and highlighted the wonderful simplicity and unfiltered emotions in his songs. Entertainment at its best !


Stage language/s:
English, Icelandic

Represented by:
Capital Music & Media

24. January 2023

17:30 - 17:50

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Ahoi ! Side B Tour

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