Germany, Ukraine, Israel


Tridiculous are dynamics, musicality and a lot of humor intertwined into an inseparable unit. Their show - it rocks, shakes and touches with music, artistry, comedy and unbridled power. The three multi-talents play off all their skills. Why not use the momentum of the flip to play the drums at the same time? Why canned music when you can accompany yourself live? Fast, spectacular, powerful. A fast-paced show that fascinates, enchants and inspires. Tridiculous are masters of beatbox, breakdance, acrobatics and much more and mix them into unique spectacles. And yet, in every moment you can see the irrepressible joy of the actors and you can see the people behind the breathtaking spectacle. At Tridiculous no show is like the other, each one is unique.Translated with (free version)

Acrobatics, Artistry, Cirque Nouveau

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23. January 2023

16:30 - 16:50

Showcases Street Theatre


Street Theatre Central Foyer / Foyer

Tridiculous Walder Theatertage 2022

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