UliK Robotic Circus

UliK Robotic Circus

Germany, France

Salto Robotale

Salto Robotale is a homage to the circus. It tells the story of a circus company on its way to the modern age. A new, sensational attraction is to be presented: An industrial robot. This new wild machine monster must now be tamed, trained and made into a sensational new act. Everyone claims the robot for themselves and their own discipline. Old disciplines are modified and something uniquely new is created. Salto Robotale develops a charm and poetry all of its own that the audience would not expect. Combined with borrowings from comics, films and video games. Exciting, completely new and a challenge for all senses. This spectacle is exciting, a challenge for all senses and full of surprises! The world's first circus with an industrial robot as a full ensemble member!

Acrobatics, Cirque Nouveau

Stage language/s:
German, French, English


Represented by:
Rudi Renner Agentur

24. January 2023

11:00 - 11:20

Showcases Street Theatre

Salto Robotale

Street Theatre Central Foyer / Foyer

UliK Robotic Circus // Salto Robotale

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