France, Portugal

Quando Tiveres Tempo

Viviane returns in 2022 with "Quando Tiveres Tempo" (o-tone music/Edel Kultur), a great album that celebrates her music and her words - but also her very personal idea of how her own and seemingly untransmittable musical language can find a perfect echo in the art of other Portuguese authors (composers and poets) of her own or even of a new generation. "Quando Tiveres Tempo" is always coherent yet open, fascinating and full of instrumental and orchestral surprises. Viviane navigates and expands her musical reference atlas: with the freedom of Anglo-Saxon pop, the melancholy of fado, the elegance of chanson, the sea breeze of Mediterranean genres, the memory of rural music, the spices of Africa and Brazil....

Chanson, Jazz, Tango

Stage language/s:
English, Portuguese

25. January 2023

17:00 - 17:20

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Quando Tiveres Tempo

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Quando Tiveres Tempo

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