Cédric Hanriot's Time is Color

Cédric Hanriot's Time is Color

France, United States

Cedric Hanriot's Time is Color

The title of the album was intended to provoke thought - to get people thinking what exactly "Time is Color" means. With this album, I wanted to share my own perception of time to me that meant time is closely related to color. Time can be seen as an objective thing. It is something we all know - we have clocks and calendars - but there's also a subjective side, because every human being perceives time differently, depending on certain situations and moments in life. We can perceive a moment as long or short, for instance, whereas “objective” time is not so abstract. That thought really got me to try to write tunes that would translate these thoughts and feelings into music. The result: a powerful jazz/hip hop/urban sound.

Jazz, Soul

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24. January 2023

18:00 - 18:20

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Cedric Hanriot's Time is Color

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