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Kim kommt!

It’s the year 2023: The USA is moving away from Europe and Asia is getting closer and closer. Korea is coming! Kpop is coming! Kimchi is coming! Kim is coming too. With his first solo show.Many light years away from the mother planet "Korea", Ill-Young Kim enters galaxies that no human being has ever experienced on stage before. Brand-new and authentic he draws from hair-raising experiences which he makes as a German with Asian appearance. In the process, the genuine Cologne native is mistaken for the North Korean dictator. Chaos breaks out in the Chinese restaurant. And Kim loves dogs anyway. He presents his sharply spiced view of things in a casually charming manner and debunks many a prejudice.Ill-Young Kim is an actor, presenter and has appeared as a stand-up comedian in many TV shows since 2010.

Comedy, Cabaret, Stand-up Comedy

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24. January 2023

14:30 - 14:50

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Kim kommt!

Performing Arts Theatre 1

Ill-Young Kim sieht alles in 16:9

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