Jakob Schwerdtfeger

Jakob Schwerdtfeger


Ein Bild für die Götter

Jakob Schwerdtfeger: Ein Bild fuer die Goetter - Art ComedyWhat do hot dogs have in common with arts? How much rosé do I have to drink to avoid attracting attention in art circles? And why do men “hug “each other by hitting each other on their backs as if they were piñatas? Jakob Schwerdtfeger has all the answers, not only because he is an art historian, but alsoa battle rapper. His perspective on art is just as unusual as that combination. Jakob Schwerdtfeger is humorous, self-deprecating, biting: "For me, the Mona Lisa was like sex on the beach. I imagined it to be better." The topics range from chess to swimming in public pools, from Baroque to Bushido. A life between a vernissage and a cockfight. Schwerdtfeger on stage is a real teaser."Schwerdtfeger's performance is a vehement declaration of love for the visual arts." (General-Anzeiger Bonn)

Comedy, Cabaret

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HERBERT Management

24. January 2023

14:30 - 14:50

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Ein Bild für die Götter

Performing Arts Theatre 2

Trailer Jakob Schwerdtfeger „Ein Bild für die Götter“

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