Les Objets Volants

Les Objets Volants

Belgium, France

Circus Puzzle

Circus Puzzle makes room for harmony between bodies and objects. Circus Puzzle unfolds objects and props into tools, shelters, vehicles; into language. Circus Puzzle reminds us that we never get all the pieces, helps us to deal with absurdity, even to embrace it ! Circus Puzzle finds balance within instants, cultivates patience, plays with risk, chooses the most surprising way instead of the easiest. Circus Puzzle is a glow, a window, an answer to life, universe and everything.Circus artists suffer utopia syndrom. We would like to be light, to twist matter at will, to get everything we want and to need nothing. So we endlessly seek a solution. Circus Puzzle is a game, a research about assembling scattered fragments into an story.

Cirque Nouveau

Stage language/s:
, Nonverbal


Represented by:

23. January 2023

18:30 - 18:50

Showcases Street Theatre

Circus Puzzle

Street Theatre Central Foyer / Foyer

Circus Puzzle

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36th IKF 2024:
21. - 24. Jan 2024


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