Okan Seese (mit Archie Clapp)

Okan Seese (mit Archie Clapp)


Lieber taub als gar kein Vogel

In Okan Seese's show, expectations are turned upside down: An interpreter, who is not paid per hour but per laugh, translates the signs for the audience. And he only pays for laughs he can hear. You wonder if deaf people can do anything with music? How they hear their alarm clock? Or whether they are even allowed to drive a car? How do deaf people actually use the telephone?! Can they dial the emergency number? With great self-irony and from an unusual perspective - for the hearing person - Okan talks ... excuse me: tells about his everyday life. He plays skilfully with stereotypes, only to break them again the next moment. His humour is surprising and honest and his facial expressions are to be fallen in love with. He takes us into a fascinating world with a strong community, a rich culture and his own expressive language.

Comedy, Cabaret, Spoken Word, Stand-up Comedy, Visual Comedy

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Stein Management

24. January 2023

16:30 - 16:50

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Lieber taub als gar kein Vogel

Performing Arts Theatre 1

Okan Seese: „Lieber taub als gar kein Vogel“

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