Sara Binet

Sara Binet

Germany, Switzerland

Sara Binet

"My music is emotion - first my own, and by pouring them into the compositions and performing them on stage with these faboulous and sensitive musicians, they swamp the audiance and become theirs. This creates the mesmerizing feeling of connection and being on a common emotional journey - time stops, the rest of the world fades out until there is only this moment, this emotion."Sara Binet is a Swiss/French singer and composer. After touring around Europe and Asia as soloist of the Jazzchor Freiburg for 8 years, she now runs her own project. Her compositons may best be described by swimming somewhere in the big ocean of Jazz, with undercurrents of chanson and pop. At the core of her music are the stories she tells in her clear, natural voice: sometimes joyful, beautiful and soothing, sometimes angry, critical or sad. In any case always staight forward, authentic and deeply touching.


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German, English, French

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Sara Binet

25. January 2023

14:30 - 14:50

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Sara Binet

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Sara Binet - Black Ice (Official Music Video)

Sara Binet - Manipulator (Official Music Video)

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