William Wahl

William Wahl


Nachts sind alle Tasten grau

The head of the a cappella band basta, who has meanwhile won several awards, presents his second full-length program with "Nachts sind alle Tasten grau". With impressive elegance and comedic subtlety, he once again spans the great arc between cabaret and art, comedy and piano. In the process, he tackles both the pitfalls of the spirit of the times and the big and unchanging questions of life. Thus he looks with affectionate-mocking view at the celebration joy of his hometown Cologne, sings in a heart-moving way to female drivers of white SUVs and fights in his solo-a-cappella number "Innenarchitekt*innen" with the pitfalls of gender. In "Nachts sind alle Tasten grau" (At night all keys are gray) William Wahl once again combines the comical with the poetic in an incomparable way, thoughtful depth with cheerful lightness. Masterful!

Musical Cabaret

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23. January 2023

15:00 - 15:20

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Nachts sind alle Tasten grau

Performing Arts Theatre 2

William Wahl - Algorhythmus

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