Jury members Street Theatre 34th IKF 2022

Adrie van Essen | NL - Programmer Street Theatre Festival Kunsten op Straat

Adrie van Essen lives in the eastern part of the Netherlands and has worked as programme planner for several street theatre festivals for more than 10 years, among them the international Kunsten op Straat festival and Heimland in Diepenheim. Adrie can draw on a large network of artists with numerous contacts in the Netherlands and abroad. He is also part of the Werkplaats Diepenheim, an “artist in residence” site where artists work on and receive support for new performances, from the early stages to the final phase.


Jana Korb | DE - Artist, performer, cultural scientist and member of the board of directors in the Bundesverband Theater im Öffentlichen Raum e. V.

Jana Korb is an artist (Freie Klasse, UdK University of Arts, Berlin), performer and cultural scientist (Free University/Humboldt University, Berlin) who produces artistic theatre and narrative circus. She choreographed, played in and played for productions, for instance by directors Christoph Schlingensief, John Bock or Taylor Mac, and performed in front of Vaclav Havel, at Documenta, Ostrale, at the Odin Teatret, etc.
Jana is the artistic director of the Aerial Arts Festival Berlin, cofounder of the RAW-Gelände (Berlin), an active member of the Magdalena Project (Network of Women in Contemporary Theatre) and a board member of the Bundesverband Theater im Öffentlichen Raum. She lives, and creates productions, in the korb+stiefel collective in Berlin Lichtenberg.


Photo: © Vojtech Brtnicky


Photo: © Daniela Buchholz


Julia von Wild | DE - Artistic Director International Street Theatre Festival Tête-à-Tête, Rastatt

Julia von Wild is a freelance cultural professional, networker and curator in Bremen. Until 2011, she worked for the La Strada International Street Performance Festival in Bremen. In conjunction with Kathrin Bahr, who has since been her partner at the “zweifellos.net – Büro für kulturelle Dienstleistung” agency in Bremen, she has since been working since 2015 as artistic director of the tête-à-tête international street theatre festival in Rastatt. Julia von Wild is an active campaigner in the field of popular music and club culture, deputy chairperson of Livekomm (LiveMusikKommission – Verband der Spielstätten in Deutschland e.V.) and founder member and board member of Clubverstärker Bremen.


Georg Schlag | DE - Managing Director artec Bühnentechnik

Born in 1961 as a cheerful Rhinelander, later on a foiled civil engineering student (“The theatre was more important”). After playing various roles with more or less success on the OFF theatre scene of the 80s, came the move into event technology. Founder of artec Bühnentechnik GmbH in 1992, which today plays a leading role in event technology in Germany in the fields of technical services, stands, special constructions, stage construction and tricky assignments. Since 1993 technical director of the Schrittmacher dance festival, where he has responsibility for over 80 international dance companies. Since 2006 technical director at the IKF. Since then a great fan of street theatre, variety show and performing arts. Co-developer of the IKF street theatre stage to its dimensions today with over 20 productions a year.


Susanne Göhner | DE - Project Manager Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg

Studied Education, Cultural Sciences and Cultural Management. In the 1990s assistant director at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart, freelance work for the Department of Arts and Culture in Esslingen. From1998 to 2011, Susanne Göhner worked for the Burghof Lörrach GmbH: as second managing director she was responsible for programme planning and for the organization and running of the STIMMEN-Festival for many years. Subsequently, management and head of communications for a multidisciplinary festival in Switzerland. From the 31st edition: Project manager of the Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg.


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